08 December 2007

So long PVD...

Many, many, many moons and nearly as many changes of plan later, the show has moved on from PVD and hit the road for an extended US tour before heading abroad. For work-related reasons our international departure was slightly delayed, and because it does little or no good to arrive in Luanda during the extended holiday period (not to mention the cost of holiday flights), we decided to remain in the US until the end of January. We’re currently in Atlanta, visiting (read: taking advantage of) friends and we hope to make a swing out west before we depart. Things are still up in the air, however, and no plane tickets for other US destinations exist.

Things that have been accomplished include packing our apartment and moving it to storage in Maine, delivering the lovely if irascible Ms. Egypt to her foster cat parents in DC, and passing my preliminary examinations to become a doctoral candidate and ABD. Technology experiments and dissertation proposal writing are officially underway with positive results in the early stages. I’ll be posting soon with results from max/msp experiments and hardware testing. I’m also going to post the short dissertation description I’ve been circulating and will be blogging bits and pieces as they come.

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